Starting a blog when you have nothing to say is an interesting process.

In the boxy world (tick tock, work-your-life-away world) I’m generally seen as a quiet person. My closest friends know, however, when I get on a subject that I’m exploring or passionate about, I want to keep listening and talking until answers  or new questions stop coming in. Every important conversation for me ends in more questions.

I’ve come to realize that if you are someone like me who knows she was born outside this box, you can never get to a point where you really know anything. Each moment of clarity, each new “truth” brings with it a wide open field of more possibilities.

My attempt here is to begin to share some of my journey — ideas I’m exploring, people I’m listening to, and whatever my own truth is in the moment. I might discuss where I’ve been a bit if it helps to reveal the basis of something I’m speaking about today.

One thing I can tell you is that my heart, from the moment I was born, remembers heaven (source). Not as a place, but as a vibration, as a gathering of souls in awe of life itself… a field of existence where all is sacred.

“On earth as it is in heaven”. As with all of you who remember heaven, I’ve been chanting and holding the essence of that prayer — and releasing it to the heart of our earth mother — from the moment I arrived here.

Of course, like everyone else in this reality, I’ve found myself in the dark many, many times wondering if the loveliness of my visions/memories is nothing more than imagination…wondering if my idealism and core values are a defect…wondering why I don’t always behave as if I remember heaven…

But I’m always redirected to knowing that it’s all unfolding just as it should. Truths are being revealed, lies are being exposed, hearts are opening, higher choices are being made.

Some amongst the gatherers are great leaders, artists, and teachers. Others, like myself, have a more ordinary appearance. But we are all of equal power. Our consciousness, individually and collectively, dynamically affects the vibration and expressed-reality of this planet.

We are heaven sent as part of the great awakening. And our numbers are increasing every moment.

Thank you for having the courage to be here in these times.