A stream of thought developed for me today beginning with the watching of a video posted on davidicke.com for his paid subscribers. David is presently doing a two-week tour of Peru.

The video presents information about the energy significance of Machu Picchu and also reveals the stunning visual beauty of the area.

Near the end of the video, David speaks of  a spiritual experience wherein he is told by an inner voice that his brain has been switched — that from now on he will be decoding reality differently.

He then tells of going down to breakfast in a public area and being aware that the people around him were in different dimensions or realities from himself.

This brought to mind something I experienced over a span of about 10 years as a child. I remember, from the time of entering school, that I felt very out of place because I couldn’t see/sense what other children were talking about.

I couldn’t tune in to where they were. I had no idea what they meant when I heard words describing the things they found important.I remember wondering what they meant when certain boys and girls were described as attractive or smart. The labels just didn’t seem to line up with my own sense of what was true.

This experience repeated itself over and over again throughout childhood. Gradually, I began to see what they saw and understand what they considered important. I still felt out of place, but I could now turn my inner decoder to the frequency they were using.

One day, while sitting in a high school classroom, I realized I now could easily judge or label others from this strange, limited perspective.

As I thought more about this, I felt a deep sadness. I felt as if I were no longer free. I felt compressed and depressed.

Back to this morning…

While still thinking of these things, my son invited me to come watch some youtube videos of a British television program titled “Fool Us” with Penn & Teller.  He just stumbled upon it while looking at some comedy routines. For some reason, he knew I’d be interested.

We sat for a couple of hours and watched a parade of entertainers perform magic routines. Each one hoped to win a trip to Las Vegas by “fooling” the great magicians Penn & Teller.

“How’d they do that?” we kept asking as we watched one amazing performance after another. We also had to wonder how these clever skills of deception were ever conceived and developed to such a level of mastery.

Even when Penn & Teller were able to “decode” the tricks, they didn’t reveal the secrets to the audience. If this were to happen, the ability to dazzle the crowds would cease and the illusions would no longer have any power. And the magicians would  also lose their “meal tickets”.

My thoughts wandered to the usual questions:

Just whose meal ticket is this great illusion protecting anyway? What in the world happened to this planet? What is this group of beings we call the human race? Where did evil/cruelty come from?

Finding these answers and exposing the secrets are the work of the great gathering of souls on the earth today.

We know we’ve been fooled. I haven’t found anyone yet who knows for sure who did the fooling or exactly why. But many great souls are working on it.

Knowledge that was once buried and presumed dead is now rising up before our eyes.

Divine downloads of important information are now being received by brilliant beings all over the earth. And these ideas are being discussed and shared, not hidden.

As the puzzle pieces are put together, we are “switching our brains”, opening up all of our senses (not just the limited five we are used to hearing about), and expanding our awareness.

The scent of freedom is in the air.

As many are now saying, the beginning is near.