This morning I awoke with a feeling of deep sadness. I felt it arriving last night, but didn’t give it my attention.  Was kind of hoping it would just go away.

But it didn’t go away. It crept up slowly — a gentle, rising tide of emotion.

Since it seemed to be here for a while, I began asking it questions.

What brings your here at this time?

Are you always here, but I am only aware of you at certain times?

Do you come in, like the tides, and then go away for a while? A cycle of my own nature?

Is the sadness something to do with me personally? The planet? All of the above?

The sadness didn’t answer. But I could sense that it wanted to be heard.

As I worked my job today, it occurred to me that I should speak to the sadness in people I encountered. Not verbally, but silently. I’m sorry you are sad, I said. I love you. I see you. I appreciate you.

Most weren’t visibly sad, but I seemed to be speaking to our global sadness that is hidden and suppressed.

By the time I got home, my own heart was lighter. A demonstration of oneness, I suppose.

To be kind to one another…to lift one another up…to allow the truth of our experience to be spoken…

This must be what we are here for. We must be here for one another.