Yesterday morning, my son sat in wonder as he read comment after comment on facebook about “remembering the heroes” and “never forget the victims” of the 9/11 tragedy. When will everyone wake up and allow the truth to be investigated, he asked aloud. If I post something challenging again, will anyone even see it, he pondered.

Then at my place of work, where a large television runs all day with either home design shows or breaking news, the mainstream media actors repeated the same chatter over and over again — always with voices of deep emotion…

Once again, as my co-workers were drawn into the “story”, I placed my questions into the mix. A few looked up, one came up and asked a bit more privately, but the rest obediently aligned their thoughts and emotions with the “experts” babbling away on the flat screen above their heads.

However, without a doubt, regardless of the small group of people in my immediate surroundings, the world is waking up. More and more people are questioning this manufactured reality of ours.

Below is a brilliant satire produced last year by the Corbett Report last year. As we continue to question everything, the truth can’t help but reveal itself.

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory