May 2, 2013 — phaelosopher


So much has been going on, on the world stage, my lack of comment or opinion has been noticed by some of you. I thank you for your concern, and will begin filling in some of the blanks that my silence may have caused. For now, let me assure you that I am doing well. I have been, and AM, processing the times, and converting them into harmoniousfrom hereons”.

Do you know what a “from hereon” is? Before I wrote the paragraph above, I had never heard of the concept. That was a clear sign for me to keep writing. :-)

A from hereon is a unit of perception; a nexus point in the space/time continuum.

You might call it, “Now plus.” Since “here” is an integral part of the from hereon, the plus component introduces two variables, or “X” factors; intention, and Will.

Electrically, intention is likened to amperage, whereas, Will is voltage. In a magnetic context, intention is polarity (+/-), Will is flux density or strength (expressed in “gauss” units). To have power to change consciously, both will be present, resonant, and coherent within the individual. Both are manifest as a result of individual choice, or free will.

Please note that the power to change is always present. That is what we are, creators, facilitators, instigators, and allowers of change. However, the vast majority of the change that we experience happens through unconscious factors, meaning that we see no personal connection between cause and effect. If we see no personal connection to a tragic event that happened, then perhaps we have no way of influencing future events. This would not be true.

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