This morning I’m starting my day, in the same way I start many mornings these days, by scanning through assorted thoughts of others as expressed in e-newsletters and blogs, online articles forwarded by friends, YouTube videos, etc.

There are thoughts about earth changes, thoughts about astrological alignments, thoughts about dark and light, thoughts about governments and control systems, thoughts about abuses and need for healing or for donations, thoughts about dimensions, thoughts about the hidden history of this planet, thoughts about waking up and about being asleep.

There are calls to action and calls for meditation or prayer.

There are so many ideas, so many whole worlds, so many realities.

And I look at my cat staring at me through half-opened eyes. He’s stretched out, enjoying the reality of his catness. He’s so very content with just being who he is.roamer 10-3

Now I shift my attention to myself, asking  what I can offer today.

And my answer is — my answer always is — to be in the vibration of love, the vibration of freedom, the vibration of listening and allowing, the vibration of integrity, and then do whatever.

Yesterday, with a dear friend, I watched something she had saved to share. It was a man talking about how to find your life purpose, how to do what you love, etc. He had methods for overcoming the resistance we feel when going for our dreams. He emphasized the difference in mindset between amateur and professional. This interview was presented on a weekly TV show that features people who’ve figured out how to live their dreams while in this time-centered 3D reality.

After viewing the show, my friend commented that what interests her the most is not understanding or overcoming the resistance to any personal dream, but understanding and overcoming (or maybe bypassing?) resistance to living our collective dream.

Last night, as I reviewed the “live your dream” presentation in my mind, and thought about my friend’s comment, I realized how easy it is to get caught up in the illusion that we are somehow “wasting time” or “wasting opportunity” by not pushing for personal success in some “tangible” profession, career, artistic endeavor, etc.

Thankfully, the still voice of truth always speaks up and reminds me that this is not a proving ground. Really. It’s not a proving ground. This is not a test. That’s not why we’re here. We have nothing whatsoever to prove.  But we have everything to be.

There are no distinctions, other than in the illusory global mind, between amateur and professional. We are all creators all of the time. All of the time.

 There are no limits — not even time or lifetime restrictions — to our personal and collective expression.

This is all just vibration. Our power is our understanding of how we vibrate.

Our greatest contribution is how we show up. What we make or do, as a reflection of who we are, allows heaven (or something else) to manifest in our presence.

That’s why we are here. To make the best of it.