The ability for one to split their Mind into a external mask with an internal corruptible, compromisable self is necessary if one is ever going to be allowed to climb the Establishment Food chain or attain any prominence in American Politics…

This ability to be 100% self-serving on the inside at the highest levels of the Establishment Hierarchy with a loss of all basic human decency and morality, while behaving normally in public and maintaining the ability to project a false public persona, is a trait that has traditionally been characterized by the two headed Eagle of Freemasonry or the ancient Roman God Janus. Janus came to represent the deception of the masses by Political leaders which was necessary for acquisition of total power and mastery over the masses, accomplished by using the skills learned from past history to control the future. To operate under the Janus Principle one must set aside all basic human morality and do whatever is necessary to gain and maintain power while developing he necessary skill from studying the past to use to acquire complete control over the future…

In order to rise to the highest levels of the Establishment, one must not only have the Janus Ability but also usually have a very high level of intrinsic intelligent. Janus Ability must be accompanied by an intelligent sensitivity to judge how others want you to behave and then to be able to produce that confidence engendering behavior while being able to serve a wicked system in order to attain as much status, wealth, privileges and power in the Establishment System.  

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Evil with a Nice Face – The Janus Principle


Unquestionably, the World’s Biggest Liars are the appointed “Talking Heads” of the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) and those King-Makers and Top Policy-Makers that pull their strings.

These folks are the Establishment Liars (ELs), the Talking Heads of the Nightly World News and the Mainstream Major Mass Media who are selected for their smiley attractive faces which can elicit seriousness, truthfulness and credibility with news consumers while at the very same time being stories based on twisted lies, half truth and USG Psyops.

Each of these folks has proved they can be trusted to read only their assigned scripts and Not to actually report the real facts behind the current events in the World as they unfold.

The only time Truth can seep into News Reports is usually early in the story before the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers have time to come up with their Psyops and supporting false narratives which they design to support their political goals and Agenda.

This has happened mostly at a local level close to such events, but as the reporting goes network it is vetted and changed to meet the Establishment’s Agenda.

Many of these Establishment Liars (ELs) aka “Talking Heads” present themselves as Investigative Journalists, but never go after the serious stories or dig out the actual truth behind them because they are not allowed to be serious Investigative Reporters under any circumstances.

If any of these “talking heads” ever tried to become serious Investigative reporters they would soon have enormous pressures brought against them or soon be out of a job, blacklisted forever from any News organization or Network.

So instead of doing serious Investigative reporting based on truth, these media Establishment puppets AKA nightly news “Talking Heads” peddle establishment authored reports, false narratives, comprised of scripts which support the publicly unknown, incredibly Evil Establishment Agenda.

In order to get further ahead in the establishment System or Hierarchy, these Establishment Liars must be highly motivated to read a prescribed script and limit their reports to that exact script. They know that if they don’t, they cannot rise in the establishment Media System and could easily lose their job and even become instantly blacklisted in the news industry.

If they do what is expected of them, they receive fat salaries and expect to eventually work their way up in the Major Mass Media food-chain, which is basically part of the Establishment. If they obey their prescribed rules and stay within their allowed parameters they hope to become a top Major Media News Figure with a multi-million dollar yearly salary, to be able to eventually obtain a life filled with ultimate luxury, credibility and fame with the masses.

There have been early Establishment “recruits” who were rising stars who made apparently “a deal with the devil”, that is, participated in an establishment-prescribed deception on the masses and were highly rewarded by being promoted up in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) Food Chain very rapidly to superstar status. If a “rising star” passes a prescribed test, or what some insiders describe as an induction ceremony, they are given entrance into the Establishment and many of its riches, status, power and privileges. Everyone who advances up the establishment Food chain 220px-Dan_Rather_in_July_2011One well known case was Dan Rather, who was in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, and then claimed he personally witnessed JFK’s head snap forward as one of the first to view the Zapruder film at its first showing to the top news reporters, which even though now has been proven to be morphed, showed just the opposite of his statement to be true. Certainly seems that he was greatly rewarded for what he knew was a complete lie. Was he approached and told this was a “National Security Matter” or was he asked to report this by a superior? And yet years later when he went completely off the reservation, that is, stepped out from his assigned parameters, the networks dumped him like a hot potato over night. What did Dan Rather do that brought the house down on his illustrious career and what did he do to seek redemption? Dan Rather had reported on the story exposing Bush2’s false claims about his prior service in the Texas Air National Guard. At the time the Major Network News Services claimed his story was completely wrong. However, Dan Rather still claims his story is true, but it cost him is 24 year career as a top CBS Talking head. Like a number of establishment Darlings that become more truth oriented as they get older and approach the end of their lives, Dan rather seemed to have changed directions inside and his moral compass began to work. But when this kind of inner transformation occurs, one must pay a heavy price for any commitment to the truth.

A very experienced long term VT Intel source with a well established track record has claimed that Dan Rather was provided a Phone Recording between Timothy McVeigh and Bush1 before the Murrah Bombing which directly implicated both in this specially staged Gladio-style False-Flag Inside-job operation. This source claims that Rather called Bush1 and asked him about this and two days later Rather’s secretary and very good friend of twenty years at CBS received Anthrax in the mail.

Later on, Dan Rather remembered this and exposed the fact that Bush2 was secretly AWOL in a cocaine Rehab program when he was supposed to be active at the Texas national Guard. Rather was forced out of CBS but since has done very well on his own and in a sense has somewhat redeemed himself.

It is also known that McVeigh never died at his fake execution and was carried out the back door on a stretcher. The authorities did not perform an autopsy and claimed he was immediately cremated which was a lie. It has been alleged that Shandra Levy had been given a position at the federal bureau of Prisons and was responsible for scheduling McVeigh’s execution and knew it was faked.

Allegedly Shandra Levy made the mistake of telling a girlfriend on the phone and was “disappeared” for that slip and her mentor and S&M companion Representative Gary Condom was blamed by many and forced out of Congress, even though he didn’t murder her and had no part in it. Later on her body was taken out of CIA storage and was dumped where it was found and a suitable Patsy was selected and adjudicated. Some “rising stars” are judged by top Media Controllers to have “superstar” potential and are then given a basic test at some point to see if they are willing to become duplicitous. The ability to be or to become Duplicitous is a basic secret requirement necessary to rise to any high position in the Establishment’s System including the Major News networks which are their highly valued Propaganda Arm.

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