“I love Zen Gardner” ~ Ole Dammegard

Ole Dammegard — brilliant writer, researcher, international speaker, investigator, artist and creator of the website Light On Conspiracies — who personally knows Zen Gardner and did the design for his book ‘You Are the Awakening‘, made a powerful public statement at the Open Mind Conference 2016 in support of Zen Gardner. In this video, he speaks about the controversy regarding Zen Gardner’s years within the Children of God cult, about his personal relationship with Zen, and about questioning Zen about his past.

A note to Ole Dammegard:
Thank you, Ole Dammegard, for re-minding us of who we are. Thank you for being the Love, Courage and Intelligence we all talk about. Thank you for raising this conversation back to one where, standing in integrity, we can continue to free ourselves from control and become the brilliant and loving creators we know ourselves to be. Thank you for standing with your brother so that he may, if he so chooses, continue to share his great insight and amazing life path with us. — Kathleen

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