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October 24, 2016


Are you looking to expand your conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here? Then You Are the Awakening by Zen Gardner does a great job of this! It’s actually a sort of compilation of sorts of all of by Zen Gardner’s best articles on all the things of the world that are here to empower and encourage anyone who is on a path to realizing their full and infinite potential!

Some of you may already know of Zen Gardner? A friend to David Icke, he’s been talking about and exposing government corruption, secret cults and piercing the veil of hidden societies for years. A lot of his stuff is laughed and mocked at. But his You Are the Awakening book more talks about how you can come to a better realization of the world around you and how you can come to better understand all the worlds suffering when you come to understand what caused it all to come about in the first place. How you need to break out of the box that society puts you in and drop those preconceived notions you’ve built up on things to come to learn and be able to fully accept the truth.

It’s all about freeing yourself from the straps and loops that the world likes to put you in. And that coming to learn of these things will lead you to become a more powerful and valuable member of society and feeling empowered and confident enough to help other people who were once like you, walking down a dark path and not really sure where they are going or where they will end up. It’s about reaching a higher level of consciousness and living a more victorious life through knowledge, learning and understanding. In a way, You Are The Awakening by Zen Gardner is a kind of handbook to life which you can refer to any time you need encouragement or want to find the words that will inspire and motivate you to carry on, carrying on!

Overall a great book and a great read. Very eye opening. I recommend you to read it!

Have you read Zen Gardner’s You Are The Awakening?