reposted from All Mark Passio The Great Work YouTube channel

Mark discusses the mind control dialectic involving government and religion,  which provides a choice to get you to the same place: control. “It doesn’t ever lead to freedom. That’s not one of the choices in the dialectic.”

Religion works through the right brain and binds the left brain.

If we give up our free will and personal responsibility to perform right action, some diety, government, guru, ET race or mystical force will save us.

Right brain imbalance creates blind acceptance and collectivist group-think, leading to a condition in which willing followers will readily submit to “Authority”.


Government works through the left brain and binds the right brain.

Left brain imbalance eventually creates psychopathic tendencies, leading some to the belief they have a “right” to rule over others through violence.

See Mark Passio’s What on Earth is Happening website for more information.