In this powerful, impassioned discussion,  SGT interviews Ole Dammegard and Carine Hutsebaud about global pedophilia and child trafficking, particularly where government, the Vatican and powerful elite are involved.

Although Pizzagate is currently calling attention to this global malignancy, Ole Dammegard cautions that Pizzagate may be an ambush. Many have speculated that the specifics of the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria and the particular people involved may have been put out there as bait to attract the alternative media to rush in and start reporting “fake news”. This situation would then be used to call for censorship of information related to this horrific sickness affecting our planet.

Some of the information coming out around Pizzagate gives question to whether the Podesta brothers are being set up to be sacrificed, allowing higher-up elitists to remain hidden with their despicable secrets.

Hutsebaud and Dammegard go into detail about how this dark “pedocriminal” network functions, how people become trapped into participating and then protecting these evils. They explain that whenever there is an attempt at exposing this darkness through whistleblowers or testimony of victims, immediately the network goes into action and does everything it can to destroy the messengers and protect the elite power holders.

Carine Hutsebaud speaks powerfully and with great emotion about the evils she has encountered in her many decades of courageous work with victims of abuse.

“How long are we going to wait until we accept that the unthinkable is possible?”

Hutsebaud and Dammegard passionately call for us all to actively, and non-violently, do everything we can to expose this evil, to stop it, and to free the children who are in this system.

There are definitely a lot of fishy things going on with Pizzagate, with enough confusion to take our attention away from the key issue: that our world leadership is heavily infested with the darkest evil imaginable.

Below, David Seaman discusses Pizzagate as a mind control operation. “The media protests PizzaGate too much. Something is odd here. The U.S. corporate media has never done a concerted push to warn viewers and readers about an incoming “fake news surge.” NEVER. Nor has an exiting President warned his supporters about vile fake news, ever before. What are they preparing the public for? It is to discredit and distract from PizzaGate as more and more disturbing, and undeniable, connections bubble to the surface. This Fake News push, like their attempt to sway the past election in favor of Hillary Clinton, will fail miserably. It will further alienate readers and viewers from the elitist, rigged, complicit corporate media. Wonder why we have such a dysfunctional government, and world? Literal Satanic pedophile elites in D.C. twisting the resources of the media and law enforcement to cover their own tracks, and to further enable their disgusting fetish, would explain a lot. PizzaGate is not fake news, but the media is protesting too much here, which reveals their hand – someone is terrified of a public discussing PizzaGate, too bad, because I suspect the public is going to be talking plenty about these pizza emails in the months ahead.”