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by Kathleen Stilwell
December 15, 2016


Earlier today, as I read an excellent article about the ‘fake news’ controversy by Ryan Cristian, I was reminded, once again, of the fake news story generated by some of our very own truther community.

This irresponsible false-news story shut down the work of a man who was working side-by-side with many other truth seekers, all of whom had spent countless hours setting up websites, organizing conferences and writing books with the intention of waking up the masses and taking back our world.

A crime was committed here by the manufacturers of this make-believe news, resulting not only in the banning of his work but in driving a dagger right through the heart of a sincere human being.

If you aren’t familiar with the Zen Gardner story, see Ole Dammegard on Zen Gardner to hear the basics on what happened.

What a surreal and ironic event that was. And oh how the ironies continue.

The current fake news brouhaha that we are reading about everywhere is linked with the real news exposé about rampant pedophilia within the highest levels of government circles, not to mention the Catholic Church and other religious organizations.

The fake news that targeted Zen involved his early years in the ‘cult’ Children of God. There are videos and articles around the web wherein the COG leadership is accused of promoting pedophilia.

False reports about Zen started when one of Zen’s so-called friends “revealed” to the world that, because Zen had been a leader within one segment of COG he, therefore, must have been involved in everything dark within that international group.

Some within the truth-seeking community went berserk with spreading this bogus news about Zen as a pedophile. Those who attempted to hold off judgment until Zen could share more about his background were then vilified as pedophile protectors.

Zen, a lifelong truth seeker, walked a path which admittedly took him through a strong mind control system of religious belief. Stepping out of that tunnel vision, Zen began to  share everything he unearthed, stumbled upon or could figure out about our reality and how it was hacked (reminding me of the absolute dedication of David Icke and others who openly and honestly adjust their message as further clarity is gained).

In the events that followed Zen’s “exposure”,  he became the victim of a powerful propaganda package — a combination of bits of truth, wild exaggerations, and total fantasy.  And this word-weapon was fired off again and again, “going viral” as is said today, repeating a message that was intended to generate fear, spread self-righteous views, and to contaminate the readers with judgmental energies.

Again, Zen was not just a backwoods writer like me with a handful of readers. Zen was big time. He was sought out, promoted and pushed up the ladder of success in the world of so-called alternative news celebrities. He had a popular book on Amazon, You Are the Awakening. Zen’s writing was (and, I imagine, will continue to be when he chooses to share with us) an evolving work of expanding awareness and challenging questions.

I didn’t always share Zen’s perspective, but I appreciated his intelligent voice that added so much to the call for us all to “awaken” and to question everything we’ve ever believed to be true.

All the big name “wake up” websites had posted his work regularly, and as I understand it, many of the owners are his personal friends or, at least, friendly acquaintances.

Where were all of these friends when the fake shit hit the fake fan? These website owners all followed suit in what must have been some sort of communicated suggestion and removed Zen’s writing from their sites.

I sense many were simply waiting things out to see if any of the allegations from the sensational story would stick. Not everyone ran the gossip-based stories, but many carefully distanced themselves from Zen by removing all of his previous work from their websites.

I do get it. We all get it. This is our sad,  current “reality”. Personal reputations and business incomes were on the line. The role of awakener has turned into a livelihood for many. This control-system-mandate, requiring us all to pay to live on our own home planet is a dilemma for all of us.

And, besides, what if we had been wrong about Zen all along?

No one wanted to risk being tied to a pedophile.

If you were in a situation where you saw a man suddenly surrounded by people chanting “pedophile”, what would you do? What if this were your friend? An acquaintance? A stranger? What if you didn’t particularly like this guy?

Would you step in to help him — insisting on calm, clear examination of what was true — or freeze in fear that these triggered order-followers might come after you?

Zen’s attackers weren’t satisfied in just getting his work erased from sites all over the web. They also hacked Zen’s own website repeatedly so that he was forced to shut it down. These abusers spread accusations everywhere, causing Zen’s amazingly popular Facebook account to be shut down. They left negative reviews (which didn’t review the book but only pointed out that he’d been “revealed” as a pedophile) on Amazon about his book, which previously had a solid five star rating.

I’ve been told that someone had gone so far as to contact authorities about Zen, making any and all movement or travel for Zen very risky for a while. All of this incredibly cruel behavior spawned from the hearsay stories, presented as truth, written by people Zen thought were his friends.

As all of this was unfolding, my instincts told me something was very wrong here in the way Zen was being treated — as if he’d been caught in the act of an evil crime and should be driven out of town or even hanged for his deeds — so I decided to dust off this old blog site and start posting many of Zen’s older articles, including some that I didn’t fully resonate with, but found some value in.

I didn’t know Zen Gardner (although we have communicated via email since then), but I read all the articles claiming to reveal Zen’s dark secrets and found absolutely no evidence within any of these articles to support the hideous claims they were making.

Instead, what I saw and felt in those articles was a betrayal of a trusting man’s confidence and unexplainable mean-spiritedness, and in some cases spiritual arrogance.  To share a counter viewpoint to an “open letter to Zen Gardner” that was spreading like wildfire, I then wrote Another Open Letter to Zen Gardner.

During the following months, I received lots of private messages with links that supposedly proved Zen was a monster. Some came from people who claimed to have worked closely with Zen (in the role of “follower” or “admirer”) and now just couldn’t let go of the feeling that he was guilty of “something”.

Well, let’s get real here, folks.  Who isn’t guilty of “something”?

I looked at every link and read every article that people sent, even when they included notes with vile language or personal attacks labeling me as a “pedo protector”.

Like most of us, I was horrified by the abuse that occurred within COG, a cult I don’t remember even hearing of during my “seeking” days in the 70s. But those were crazy times, with new “families” and groups popping up everywhere with ideas about how to save the world.

Like most of us, I have cognitive dissonance on the subject of child abuse, and regarding evil in general. I was sickened by the things I read.

However, even though there is certainly a scandal and a pockets of evil within the COG, none of the links had anything to do with Zen Gardner.

It was no different than learning someone is/was a Catholic and then researching pedophilia and child abuse in that church. This is a horror story most of us can’t even look at.

And, it was no different than finding out that someone had been part of the military and had participated in acts of aggression against other countries/people, blindly following orders because they believed they were really protecting their friends and family from enemies who were out to destroy them.

In both cases, we have sincere human beings, doing their best to be true and to be brave. The fact that they have not yet awoken to how their love and courage are being completely exploited, does not make them criminals. It simply makes them blind. It makes them mind and heart controlled.

Obviously, we’d all agree that being a Catholic does not make one a pedophile.

Having been a member of COG did not mean Zen and every other member of that group were pedophiles. Just as occurs within the Catholic organization, I’ve no doubt that many “devotees” were shocked when they encountered such behavior, and felt deeply torn between loyalty to their God/faith and the need to speak out against their deviant leaders.  I’m imagining many did find the moral courage to speak out. I certainly hope so.

I personally witnessed emotional and physical cruelty/abuse (not pedophilia) by priests and nuns when I was a child in a Catholic school. I remember thinking that God could not be my creator if these extremely mean-spirited people were the ones closest to him.

However, most of us know Catholics who are kind-hearted and sincere, holding on to their “faith” even if they hear stories about abuse within their leadership.

This turning a blind eye to unconscionable behavior is exactly how “faithful” people behave. If you were raised in an abusive environment, you will recognize the behavior of protecting the abuser out of “love”. After all, family is family — and religious “families” have invisible, controlling gods as parents, with self-appointed representatives to lord over the family while the gods are hidden away.

Religion is, without a doubt, a form of mind control which often makes otherwise courageous people passive. Patriotism is a form of mind control which can make an otherwise kind person do unspeakable things.

If romantic love causes us to have major blind spots in reference to the object of our affection, then devotion to a “superior being” and belief/faith in words that are said to have come from that god’s mouth are even more blinding.

If we are honest with ourselves, most of us have held beliefs in the past that we would now consider false, or even crazy.  As we grow and liberate ourselves from shackling thought, we become different people. Never again would we be able to even consider thinking within the limited confines of our old paradigms.

So here we are. Months have passed since the shocking “reveal” about Zen Gardner took place.  Not one shred of evidence was ever produced to link Zen with the horrific deeds that he supposedly condoned and participated in. NOT THE TINIEST BIT OF EVIDENCE.

Websites all over the map have since silently “re-appeared” Zen’s writing.  Yet I haven’t seen one public apology. Is it now enough that we’ve restored his old writings after we allowed the irresponsible public declarations of a few drive him out of town?

This silence surrounding the silencing of Zen has me baffled. What are we waiting for?

I’m sure we are all aware of the recent event where vets asked forgiveness on behalf of the military for historical abuse of our Native Americans. I’m sensing a need for something like that to happen here.

Perhaps one of those successful website owners will step forward and say something like: “I’m so sorry, Zen. This should never have happened to you. You’ve given us an opportunity to look at our own community here. Never again will we let an unsubstantiated tabloid-like sensational story, with the potential to harm another human being, manipulate us the way this one did. We promise to be more vigilant. We promise to be more self-aware as well as more aware of our community as a whole.”

Here’s something from the article I mentioned in the first paragraph:

“So they sit on their high horse, casting down judgement on those who do their due diligence and actually look at the evidence of a story prior to passing judgement. They do all this with confidence because they … didn’t read the evidence? How does that work? For one to blindly trust mainstream media, with story, after story, after story, coming out showing them caught in a boldface lie, usually at the behest of their corporate masters, is just irresponsible.”


Rewrite that, replacing mainstream media with alternative media, and that pretty much sums it all up. We need to own this. It was irresponsible. It caused harm. Serious harm. It happened right here on our own watch, in our domain.

Where was our requirement for due diligence in the case of Zen Gardner? Those who accused him spoke with absolute confidence, just as the mainstream media always does as they read lies off of teleprompters. These fake news writers used all the right buzz words and included language of spirituality, language of self-awareness, language of psychology, the language of mysticism. They linked in articles and videos that had nothing to do with Zen but were sure to trigger anyone who had ever been abused or had ever witnessed abuse (every single one of us).

This was one very masterful attack of calculated fake news with no connection to the truth. But as Cristian says in his article “they continue to jam that square peg into that round hole, truth and integrity be damned.”

All of us who are wired correctly are heartsick at how this morality play unfolded.

We are better than this. At least I’m certain many of us are. Dear community of truth seekers, let’s set this thing right.

This article may be freely shared as long as the text is unaltered and the original author, Kathleen Stilwell, is clearly identified with a hyperlink back to the original article.


Kathleen Stilwell is a dreamer, in awe of the transforming power of  vision, courage, kindness and imagination. Kathleen created the website Born Outside the Box to share her own experience of whatever this reality is. It is also a place to share the work of other writers who speak of things that resonate with her soul.

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  • July 29, 2017, 12:33 pm

    Hey Gina – here’s proof that I read this and ok I see your point – Gary

  • Zach
    July 28, 2017, 11:28 am

    How’d I miss this one. Gardner always seemed one damn smart guy but his website was like a cult gathering with all gushing in the garden. Turns out that love from the followers and other writers was a bunch of BS, and I won’t mention names but jeesh I’m sure glad I don’t have friends like that. Your article on the 5 dreams was right on, mystery woman. Kathleen. Tread litely in this internet awakening, wear waders and tall boots.

  • February 7, 2017, 1:19 am

    Understand that the social relations of today, if “normal” and weaponized against humanity, invert reality: synthetic replaces original; false becomes true; all that is attacked for its inversion then “double”-inverts by attacking its exposers in the same language… it is called recuperation. The web also is full (esp., Mark Zuckerfeller’s Facebook, the NSA’s Google’s YouTube, the NSA’s Google’s blogs) paid trolls whose job it is (like the Soros PCspeaking and sucker-punching stormtroopers in anti-Trump rallies, “color” imperialisms, and Occupy) to disrupt, setup, assassinate, and shut down sites. Years back we had nothingness.org, alive at any time with 75 or so threads in the situationist area. Today, after trolls interrupted and deflected any one-on-one and every thread, there are zero. Besides not using the web-terrain owned, run, and censored by the enemy, all one can do is create registration-based forums that do not allow any spidering or crawling of their areas, and that are SSL-proteced. Mine has all those as well as two firewalls. Zen hit a nerve. The same assault from pueurile millenials and puritan leftists invert themselves and attack. They are vicious, intolerant, virulent, and speak/think Flatland. I detest them as much as political Islam. Sharia and PC are two peas from the same pod. Zen, use my forum if you wish. See point-of-departure.org and look up Unbecoming Things. In the meanwhile everyone, it’s time to put the left down for good. Authoritarian murderes always. They will never be so great as in ceasing to exist.

  • Mike
    January 4, 2017, 5:30 pm

    Prophet or psychic much, Zen? Man this is damn scary. Freak out for the trigger happy new agers when they see those candyman vids. Damn. They be like Pedos Pedos everywhere, gotta go hide now. Wake up folks. You crucified the wrong man. Keep on, man. Zen, you were on to those scum bags so they took you down. Can’t keep a good man down you know it.

    • Kathleen Stilwell
      January 4, 2017, 5:34 pm

      Thanks, Mike, for your comment. Great response. XXXX

  • January 3, 2017, 3:28 am

    Know humans by their works. There is a darkness-of-being required of a pedophile and I have seen only light in his work. I know Zen Gardner is innocent. And he is a valued warrior.

    • Kathleen Stilwell
      January 3, 2017, 6:53 am

      Thank you, Cathy, for sharing what you know to be true. XXX

  • Mike
    December 24, 2016, 5:34 pm

    I’ve been looking for a place to make a comment about Zen Gardner and found this article to at least be logical and fair minded. So many others have no sense of logic. I praise Jon Rappoport for often writing about the importance of logic. In my schooling we learned the difference between conjecture and conclusion. People out there seem to think they can write something like ‘ I don’t like Zen Gardner because he seemed arrogant to me. Therefore, he must be a pedophile or guilty of some dark act. ‘ What? A lot of people piss me off. Does that make them anything more than people who piss me off?
    That’s not why I’m writing here. I’m writing because I want to share about my own cult experience. I was a Catholic priest for 35 years. My own awakening from how brainwashed I was started with 9/11. I knew it was not as the mainstream said so I started reading everything people wrote in the alternate media. From there I learned about the dark side of the Jesuits. It’s almost 4 years now since I left the church. It took me a long time to completely get out because it had been my life. I had believed that it was the one true church and I thought it was God’s will for me to stay. I did know about pedophilia and a lot of abuse and discipline of children in the schools and some churches. I did everything I could to make people aware that this was wrong but I didn’t leave because this seemed like evil had invaded God’s house and I was supposed to stay there to fight it. It took me a long time to realize that I’d been fooled into believing that that the Catholic Church had anything to do with God as our creator. Maybe one day I’ll write more about this but I wanted to say I understand why it would take someone so long to leave a cult. A lot of the alternative media still quote the pope as if what he says and does is important. So not just the insiders are fooled.

    • Kathleen Stilwell
      December 24, 2016, 5:38 pm

      Thank you, Mike, for your comments. You brought up some very key points. The Catholic Church is definitely a cult, even if it is accepted by the overall global cult of mainstream media.

    • Serena
      December 29, 2016, 7:58 pm

      That’s the whole thing about this Zen Gardner scandal. He was part of a unpopular cult not one like the Catholics. We all have friends and maybe even family who are in the Catholic cult. I grew up Catholic and hate that church now. My brother was raped by a priest and my mother stayed in the church anyway. Everyone praised her for keeping her faith and we never knew what happened to that priest. It was all hushed up and my brother got into drugs years later and has never been the same. All the Catholics are stuck because they think the church was started by God or Jesus and they would go to hell or turn against God if they left. They wait for the pope to tell them what to do and my mother died believing her faith and my brothers was tested. She wouldn’t talk about it. I understand what you are saying here Mike because I was afraid to fail God by questioning but the questions wouldn’t stop coming in. One day I realized that it was the real God who was waking me up to the truth and I had to get out. This witch hunt about Zen Gardner has to be just a personal vendetta or something because it doesn’t make sense otherwise when no one is accusing all government workers because so many pedophiles head the government and nobody is accusing all the Catholics. They are all free to wake up and walk out without anybody attacking them or asking how long they stayed.

      • Kathleen Stilwell
        December 29, 2016, 10:25 pm

        Thank you, Serena, for sharing your thoughts. It’s clear that the larger, commonly accepted cults like government and mainstream religion, don’t trigger the response that people have to smaller cults like COG. We no longer see how strange and oppressive (and tainted by evil behaviors of people in power) the larger cults are because we are so used to seeing them and living within them.

  • Gwen
    December 18, 2016, 10:05 pm

    I’ve been watching and reading about Zen’s situation since it all started. I listened to Mel Ve and Hope Girl and resonated with what they said about this turning into a witch hunt. It was a while ago since I listened but I remember them talking about the dark forces behind all of this. I don’t think the people involved in writing the blogs and things really know they are being manipulated by these dark forces. I watched Zen and he seemed to be under a lot of stress and seemed to be hiding some things. It felt like he had some deep regrets that he didn’t want to reveal. The people who wrote about him like Guenther and others wanted to interpret his behavior one way but it could have just been that he was caught off guard and that his life was falling apart. If he hadn’t revealed his past there was a reason and it could have been as much to protect his family as anything. My point is we just don’t know and had no reason to be so hostile and to want to destroy him because he was confused. I appreciate what you wrote Kathleen and that you have balance emotions and are willing to wait and see and let the man talk when he is ready. There are no victims that have come forward so there is no crime that we know of. I know I don’t want everyone on the internet digging through my past and pointing out all the times I was weak or afraid. Anyway I want to say thanks to everyone here who shared their ideas because it gave me something to think about in a lot of new ways.

    • Kathleen Stilwell
      December 18, 2016, 10:11 pm

      Thank you, Gwen, for sharing your observations and reflections. You brought up some very good points. XXX

  • Jenny
    December 17, 2016, 12:43 pm

    Miss you Zen, as do others, your writings, your wonderings and thanks Kathleen for your
    thoughts too. Keep well.
    Just wondering was a fantastic source of information, sharing.
    Brought people together whom would not have met otherwise.
    It doesn’t have to fall or remain apart, as words Zen emailed from Bill Hicks awhile ago:
    ‘A choice right now, between fear or love.’

    • Kathleen Stilwell
      December 17, 2016, 1:19 pm

      Beautiful comment, Jenny. Thank you so much for sharing with us. XXX

  • December 16, 2016, 12:32 pm

    Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Thank you, Kathleen. Well done.

    • Kathleen Stilwell
      December 16, 2016, 7:12 pm

      Thanks for reblogging. Much appreciated.

  • ariel az alexander
    December 16, 2016, 12:00 pm

    I assured Zen of my continuous support from way back, certainly years before this shit entered the revolving whatsit.
    I was once called ‘the black magician of international Rainbow,’ because I ran/focalised effective medicine areas at ANY level, which upset some people…I have been followed around by idiots cahnting ‘CHARLATAN.’
    I was a little hurtfused to discover that there were people in the international rainbow movement who actually WANTED OTHERS TO SUFFER. They definitely didn’t understand where I/(we) were coming from.
    What look like assaults and insults are actually COMPLIMENTS. You bothered enough people to heap more negative energy/attention on you. As I like/love (you)Zen PERSONALLY, I do not actually CARE what anybody THINKS/THINK THEY THINK THEY THINK, etc.
    We cannot AFFORD to let this sort of thing bring us down
    Recognising social media for the deadly danger they ARE, I have always refused to have ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM.
    We nail our colours to the mast, and that’s it.
    We do what we LOVE. Better had, or we are FOOLING OURSELVES…it’s later than you think……and STILL NOW.
    Far as I can tell, the righteous brothers and sisters CAN tell the wheat from the chaff, and we can, do, and will continue to support Zen to hell and back if needs be. He did a great service, and maybe can do so again. If he took this ‘personal,’ OK, he NEEDED to do that….not to identify emotionally with the negative projections of ‘others’ is definitely part of the learning curve/growth process.
    Many people will PRETEND many things and to be aligned with and SUPPORT many things, but it’s fake and ‘fair weather.’ People are taught by bitter experience and circumstance to become ‘actors’ all their lives, they put on roles, and sometimes or OFTEN it’s hard to know or find out if there IS a person in there, or if it’s ‘role play.’ behind the convincing and plausible FRONT.
    If they radically and suddenly change their role, then you KNOW that either they are on the road to Damascus, or it was ALL THEATRE.
    ‘Although she feels as if she’s in a play, she is ANYWAY.’ He knew, I guess.
    Love to all
    Ariel AZ Alexander…check me on Youtube…94 pieces so far,

    • Kathleen Stilwell
      December 16, 2016, 7:15 pm

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and support of Zen, Ariel. XXX

  • kilfannan
    December 16, 2016, 10:43 am

    To add: I don’t think Zen needs to sue anyone. Who wants to waste their energy with a bunch of broke losers. I sense, he’ll be back swinging with all the energy of Source behind him.
    All power to you Zen.

    • Kathleen Stilwell
      December 16, 2016, 10:52 am

      Thank you, Elva. Your comments are very much appreciated. Great insight. XXX — Kathleen

  • kilfannan
    December 16, 2016, 10:37 am

    Hi Kathleen,
    Zen is a great loss to the ‘true’ awakening community. He has compassion not only for human beings but for animals as well – and in these so called ‘waking times’ that is very rare. I have not found one alternative news site that posts articles about animal rights and the humane diet.
    Those who do not care for animals do not care for people. Zen gave the animals a voice.
    From my perspective Zen’s attackers had an agenda – plain and simple. I suspect that many of the self righteous zealots that put their oh so spiritual boot in wanted him gone so they could ‘over’ on his large audience and line their pockets. The rest were the hysterics with zero discernment that joined the pack and screamed for blood. That’s typical of the hive mind.
    As Goethe said. There are two kinds of people living on this plane . One is connected to Source and the other is a soulless hive mind fractal which he called organic portals. The op’s can mimic human emotion perfectly. They can cry a lot of ‘crocodile tears’.
    This understanding is our awakening. It explains a lot…..
    As Zen said – If this is what awakening is – Fuck the awakening.

  • December 16, 2016, 8:27 am

    Ahhh here you are. Not everyone gave up on you. It seemed ridiculous to me from the get go. The oldest trick in the book. Transfer guilt to the accuser.
    Much love to you Zen.

  • Nick
    December 16, 2016, 7:35 am

    Or to quote a very perceptive old adage:
    “Be Your Own Leader!”

  • Nick
    December 16, 2016, 7:13 am

    Although I’ll address this to Zen, it’s also a reply to the implied suggestion in Kathleen’s otherwise very good article that we should just somehow ‘forgive’ the people and alternative media outlets concerned if they apologise for being wrong about Zen and then continue to give them our time and energy. I can’t agree with that.
    I’m fortunate to have the time and opportunity to do proper, in depth research. Right from the start I was able to have a good look at what was being said about and to you on the internet. And right from the start I was thinking that you had had your own ‘Wogan’ moment.
    As I’m sure you know, the notorious interview David Icke had on the Wogan Show proved to be a huge catalyst for people to wake up. In the same way, it would appear that your travails had a similar effect – an unintended consequence of shining a very bright light on some of the darkness in the so-called ‘alternative’ and ‘spiritual’ community. Many of these self-appointed commentators, seers and ‘truthseekers’ have come out the shadows and exposed themselves for what they really are – filled with hatred, poison, bile and full of their own self-designated importance.
    What has been truly shocking to see is how some of these detractors (particularly the two who were the main players in originally ‘outing’ you) are so deluded by their sheer ignorance and massive intellectual stupidity that they genuinely believe they are (and publically describe themselves as) ‘enlightened’, ‘compassionate’, ‘sensitive’, ‘full empath’ spiritual persons, while at the same time spewing out page after page of nasty, ill-founded, ill-judged, arrogant lies and venom. When it comes to walking the spiritual path, these people aren’t even out of the front door, yet they truly believe they are a shining and ‘righteous’ example of what it means to be ‘awake’!
    So, much as David Icke on Wogan eventually had such far-reaching positive repercussions, it feels to me that what happened to you is that – somewhat inadvertently – the situation you have found yourself in has been responsible for a long overdue clearout of some of the dross in the alternative internet based ‘community’, and those (genuinely, truly) perceptively awake can now see it for what it is. As you said in one of your interviews on CCN, it’s enabled some to see through the veneer and the malignant cancer just under the surface has been exposed. Personally, I’m in little doubt that these events – painful as I know they are for you – were and are necessary on your life journey for you to make a difference. Because make no mistake Zen – you have made a difference…. just possibly not in the way you might have intended!
    I’ve been travelling my own spiritual* road a long, long time, so all that has gone on hasn’t really been much of a surprise to me, but nevertheless it has certainly given me some new perspectives and I feel spiritually healthier for it. In particular, the actions of your detractors have served as a timely reminder that in a dumbed down, selfish, morally bankrupt world, just because someone aligns his or her self with the ‘alternative’ faction certainly does not guarantee that they are actually any less dumbed down, selfish or morally bankrupt than anyone in life’s mainstream!
    If you are ‘guilty’ of anything Zen (and I use that word only for convenience, I don’t actually subscribe to the concept of ‘guilt’), then it is that you were not discerning enough when associating with and trusting those closest to you. I know that you have learnt that hard lesson.
    But the other lesson to be learnt here is for all of us to trust our own intuition more and give less credence to all sections of the so-called ‘Truth’ movement until claims are substantiated, facts proved and hard evidence provided . As for those who attacked you so willingly – they should be ignored and left to fester in their own tiny pool of ignorance and hate, irrespective of whether they publically acknowledge their errors or not.
    Because they have shown the rest of us the real basis to their own particular seeking of ‘truth’ – and it isn’t very pleasant.
    All the best for the future, Zen.

    • Kathleen Stilwell
      December 16, 2016, 7:31 am

      Actually, Nick, I never implied “we” should forgive the people concerned in the attacks on Zen. I am suggesting an apology is in order. Those are two very different things. Your comments are awesome, by the way! Very spot on. Very insightful. Thanks so much for sharing here. — Kathleen

      • Nick
        December 16, 2016, 7:45 am

        Hi Kathleen
        Got it, thanks for clarifying, and I can agree with that – though I suspect that ‘humilty’ is another quality they don’t possess, and the idea of an apology is as remote to them as the concept of integrity.
        Thanks too for your kind words. I don’t usually post on any sites, but I do feel that what happened to Zen was a quite extraordinary example of deliberate distortion and victimisation.

        • Kathleen Stilwell
          December 16, 2016, 8:08 am

          Thanks again. Outstanding insight! XXX

  • andy
    December 16, 2016, 6:47 am

    Mark Passio was part of a satanic cult – nobody bats an eye-lid. Probably because they know Zen is a placid man where Mark would aggressively retaliate..

  • Independent thinker
    December 16, 2016, 4:21 am

    Umm, I wonder who will be targeted amongst the independent media next? People need to learn from this, and Zen, if you have the energy and/or resources, take legal action!