reposted from The Last American Vagabond

by Ryan Cristian
December 14, 2016

The current media war taking place between alternative and mainstream, has enveloped every corner of the average American’s newsfeed. Each calling the other fake news, with one side attempting to break through the decades of lies, and the other trying to maintain its strangle-hold on the public’s perception of what is, and is not, the truth. In which side people choose to believe will ultimately tip the nation’s scales toward a future of prosperity, or subjugation.

Joe Rogan recently discussed the now all-encompassing fake news narrative and how it relates to PizzaGate. He stated that with all we know about government officials such as Dennis Hastert, who is now a confirmed pedophile, as well as the ex Speaker of the House, that PizzaGate and other such cases should not be reflexively dismissed. Yet, that is sadly exactly what is happening; but with one such a Mr. Rogan beginning to see the legitimacy to this investigation, hopefully others will begin to see through their own blind faith in what is clearly the biggest fake news operation around: corporate media.

This entire fake news narrative was created in order to cast doubt on one thing alone, and that was the rising awareness to the shockingly real PizzaGate case, which has now segued into the Russian Propaganda storyline. Clearly they figured, two birds, one stone. However, neither story has allowed the media to regain any of the trust and reputation that was lost due to the vivid misrepresentation of the American people during the election–all with the intent of electing one specific person–and point of fact, neither story is true. Despite the fact that multiple agencies, including both the FBI and the CIA, openly speak out about the lack of evidence to suggest that the Russians had anything to do with Trump winning the election, they continue to jam that square peg into that round hole, truth and integrity be damned.

As it pertains to PizzaGate, many have yet to even look at the evidence uncovered by the hard work of many citizen journalists, because they have been told … that it’s fake news. Even without looking for themselves, it’s disregarded nonetheless. What’s interesting, is that the slim few who are still grasping onto the comforting lies of the mainstream media, are attempting to call out the alternative media as fake, for spreading a story without knowing the facts; which is baseless and solely hinges on their belief that PizzaGate is “fake news,” therefore, alternative media, “must not be doing proper research.” Yet, once one begins to actually look, one can see that this oddly contradicting logic only makes it all the more clear which side is falling short. Would it be those blindly following mainstream media, or those thinking for themselves?

So they sit on their high horse, casting down judgement on those who do their due diligence and actually look at the evidence of a story prior to passing judgement. They do all this with confidence because they … didn’t read the evidence? How does that work? For one to blindly trust mainstream media, with story, after story, after story, coming out showing them caught in a boldface lie, usually at the behest of their corporate masters, is just irresponsible. The amount of contradictions within this post-election political chaos is almost unbelievable. Yet, it would appear, as more begin to awaken to the horribly real aspects of this story, that the tide is about to turn.