“…that care, that true care — we’re not talking about familial love or romantic love — we’re talking about true care about what’s actually taking place from a moral perspective, that is the force that ultimately drives the will, that needs to drive the will if we are to create positive change. And until we can get more people to develop that true sense of care — what I call Care with a capital C, don’t expect things to magically change on their own here. Care has to drive the right action through the will in order for actual, positive change to become manifested in our world. That’s the real law of attraction, folks. Not this bunk new age variant that’s being taught by all these self-help gurus that just want to make a quick buck by telling people what they want to hear. They don’t want to come out and tell people it’s hard to create real change because you really have to deeply care…” — Mark Passio

Mark Passio’s website: What on Earth is Happening