Mark Passio shares a brief conversation from his podcast.

“…it is really all about standing within truth, as you are doing. You called it repenting and that’s really what it is. You’re atoning. You’re making up for the lack of that responsibility earlier on in your life. And you may not have been as knowledgeable, you may not have been as mature, but when you did develop that knowledge, when you did develop that maturity, that personal responsibility, you ran with it. You took that ball, you ran with it, and now you’re taking that information to others in an attempt to help them. And, like you said, you can’t undo the past. No one can. What’s done is done. You can’t beat yourself up over things you did. I look back. There’s a million things I could have done differently that would have saved me from all kinds of suffering, but in many ways that helps us — that forms who we are now. You know? Those experiences, if we have learned from them, become valuable helpers and assistants to us in the work that we have to do now…” — Mark Passio