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by Zen Gardner
March 22, 2013


Time is quite the marker within the matrix of this world. Most of us wear a “watch” to track the passing and planning of our lives. We also operate within the “boundaries” of time and watch calendars almost morosely.

Clocks are everywhere. Everywhere. Oppressively so. Most everything is scheduled according to an agreed form of “time” measurement.

This seems practical enough.

But something’s seriously amiss. Where did this ever ticking, ever present paradigm come from? Is it even real? Is it part of some sort of overarching control system?

Even “Science” Weighs In
Ironically enough, in the view of accepted quantum physics time is pretty much a joke. There is ultimately no such thing as time. It’s all now and we live amongst parallel universes. Our projected reality is similarly non-linear which we manifest with our intention.

And has that knowledge entered our day to day reality in spite of the dissemination and popularization of these scientific realities?

I don’t think so.

We just keep marching to the beat of the ticking clock, chiming out its call to blinded duty. “Time is money.” “Sorry, don’t have time.” “Hurry up.” “My days are numbered.” “How long will it take?” “Got some time to kill?”

Time is a nasty master, but a great lens through which to view eternity.

Deadlines and the Time Conspiracy

Look at the utilitzation of the time structure on the world today. You want production? “Put ’em on the clock! Check in, check out. Get on that conveyor belt, we have deadlines to meet!” while the controllers lounge about, eat their flesh, and smoke their cigars. “They’re sheep to be shorn, rats in a maze, cows to be milked, chickens to be plucked.” Speed up the time and you’ll get more eggs too.

“Deadlines can be lifelines” is a pretty cool and often practical expression, as there is a time to just plain get something done; no more loitering about when something needs to get finished. Clearly there’s a “time” for that, at least in this paradigm. Once in a while.

But the emphasis in the current here and now is energy production, survival and fear. All constricting and energy extracting, like time. Staying in line, conforming, regimentation.

Why do they sound bells between classes in schools? Factories are rife with audio and visual prompting. Television is all about “programming” and what time what is on. Tension upon imposed Pavlovian tension.

Something to think about. And how is all this affecting you?

People and Time

This one is particularly interesting, as it strikes at the core of “us” and human nature and its response to these imposed paradigms.

Look how things and people change “over time”. You never know how something or someone may change, we’ve all experienced this. Our kids are perfect examples. We watch them grow and “mature” and then watch the grandkids do the same. Some traits stay the same, others morph, depending on environment, parenting, education, spiritual influences etc.

How our surroundings and most importantly spiritual influences affect us “over time” is important to watch and understand. What moves us where? Why are we doing what we’re doing? And then, “what made (me, you they,) move in this direction?”

Time is the yardstick, but continual change is the reality.

Knowing Now What Time Will Tell

What is so beautiful about the intuitive language of the heart is that you can know things now for their potential effects. Either before they’ve grown to show the good they can accomplish, or before they can do the irreparable damage they were either designed or unintentionally set to do.

This is a key to living consciously and helping to create and stimulate the conscious awakening that heralds the evolving world of Love and Truth we’re experiencing.

We are in charge.  And we need to respond to the prompts of conscious awareness. Now. Those who “waited to see” are now under an oppressive regime over mind, body and spirit of all unawakened mankind.

Waiting for “time to tell” is no more. The time is now.

Surely developments will surface later, but the essentials of day to day decisions and judgements more often than not need not be delayed. Time is short and we need to learn to trust our hearts.

The End of Time?

The really profound aspect of this is the spiritual onslaught on our planet that we’re currently undergoing, of both good and bad vibrations. An important time for all of us to be on our toes. We seem to be under attack and it’s clearly more spiritual than anything. Guard your heart, and help guard your loved ones.

The “end of time” just might be on our doorstep. Or is it an ever ready portal to be used?

So what does “time will tell” really mean?

Do you want to wait that long when you know in your heart the answer already? That’s the issue. Operate from the heart.

Don’t hesitate, communicate….with Truth. Follow your heart. The Truth is always loving, even if it hurts sometimes. Follow on.

Tell it like it is, live it like it is. Because IT IS!

Much love, Zen

Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint. His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst the entrenched alternative pundits.

His book, You Are the Awakening,  has met rave reviews and is available on Amazon.

You Are the Awakening examines the dynamics of the awakening to a more conscious awareness of who we are and why we are here – dynamics which are much different from the programmed approach of this world we were born into.

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