Ole Dammegard and Alfred L. Webre share revelations, insights and questions about the horrific reality of a global pedo-criminal network, challenging us to participate in its exposure. They also discuss overlapping control-system-patterns involving false flags, media control of awareness, CIA and NATO operations.

The interview begins with discussion about children possibly being held underground at Droop Mountain Museum in West Virginia. Dammegard recently received a report about cries for help coming from beneath this small war museum within a WV state park.

Dammegard has been working with equally-courageous Carine Hutsebaud, who has been relentlessly facing and exposing high-level participants involved in pedo-crimes for decades. [see Carine Hutsebaud interview here]

Dammegard is asking all of us to help to uncover the pattern and method that has allowed these abductions to continue. He suggests researching cold cases of people who have disappeared, finding out how and when they disappeared and then looking for the patterns.

Of particular interest are the national and state park systems in the United States, where unimaginable numbers of people disappear every year.

Dammegard suggests that researchers go on location to suspected sites — camping outside if they can — and record all activity including registering all of the vehicles going in and out, as well as counting and photographing the people going in and out.

Research and whistle-blower testimony show that the places where the children are taken usually have some type of connection to:

  1. an army base
  2. an airstrip
  3. historical places, especially places where people have died
  4. underground tunnel systems

Webre ties in the history of the US as linked to the City of London and the Vatican, and the satanic pedophilia practices. The possible connection of West Virginia to nearby Washington, DC’s pizzagate investigation is also discussed.

Dammegard explains that rumors of impending arrests mean nothing, as this usually involves the sacrificing of a few people to protect the network. We cannot trust government officials to uncover this evil. It is up to us to take back the power, to investigate together, to go on location, to map what is going on, to find access points to tunnels, etc.

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