The other day, I posted Alfred L. Webre’s interview with Ole Dammegard on the horrific reality of child trafficking worldwide, wherein children are sold and traded to be used in sexual abuse, as well as evil ritual ceremonies. Children are disappearing around the globe at an alarming rate, while more and more whistleblowers report how children are being kidnapped, imprisoned, abused and even murdered.

If you’ve followed Dammegard’s work for a while, you know he researches and participates tirelessly to expose the darkness of the control system and to remind us of our own power to change this world.

If, like me, you’d like to support Dammegard’s work in any way you can, please consider nominating him for this year’s Light Tower award in Sweden. This nomination is open only until February 28, so take action now if this calls to you as something to do.

Here is a note from Dammegard’s website, Light on Conspiracies.

I was recently told that I am among the nominees for the ‘Light Tower’-award in Sweden. In a world where certificates and awards are so important, things like this can help open doors for me to get the truth out there. Wanna help me get it? If so, please click on this link ljusfyr.html, fill in your Name, Email and why you would like to nominate me. The site is in Swedish, but feel free to write in English & please share. Thank you for taking the time – it means a lot.

Love and Light


For ideas on reasons to nominate Ole, check out his website. Please use your own words.

As an example of something to write, here is what I just posted as my reason for nominating Ole Dammegard:

“I would like to nominate Ole Dammegard for this year’s Light Tower award. A courageous researcher, writer, and speaker, Ole Dammegard has spent decades of his life exposing layers of deception and destructive behavior by those controlling the world.  His work touches so many areas that need to be addressed — horrific crimes against children, false flag government operations, geoengineering of our skies, the corruption of our monetary system, etc.
Always a messenger of strength and hope, Ole Dammegard consistently reminds us of how powerful each of us is when we educate ourselves, stand up and take action — as he does in his own life — with great heart and love.”

The nomination site is in Swedish. Google Translation of the webpage from Swedish to English:

Nominate your candidate for this year’s beacon.

A beacon is a brave truth-seeker or benefactors who stand up for the good, the true and the beautiful. A motivator with heart that seemed to make our world a better place.

It may be for example a researcher, journalist, innovator, creator or other driving force that acts with its spread a positive light.

The nomination underway until 28 February.

The winner will be presented at a ceremony in Stockholm, 19 March 2017.

Name *

E-mail *

I would like to nominate (name and justification) *

The Name space is where you fill in YOUR name and email is your email. Write Ole’s name in the nomination area and give your reasons.