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Ole Dammegard: “Statue of Liberty – NYC is next NWO synthetic terror False Flag”. Ole predicted & deconstructs 3/22 Westminster “Brexit” False Flag

by March 30, 2017

VANCOUVER, BC – In this interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Author and researcher Ole Dammegard Ole deconstructs the 3/22/2017 Westminster False Flag, and predicts, on the basis of clues the False Flag controllers left at the scene that “the Statue of Liberty – NYC is [or may be] next NWO synthetic terror False Flag”.In prior interviews, Ole had predicted the March 22, 2017 NWO False Flag operation would be at the Westminster Bridge-UK Houses of Parliament site on the basis of embedded clues that an apparent traveling operation Black Ops had deliberately left at prior False Flag operations.ReferencesContact Ole Dammegard at
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