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I grow up…and out of cycles,
Thought freewheeling .
This old head once lost in clouds
Is breaking ceiling …

Mind goes in…and down,
To deeper understanding,
Tears through veil
And bursts the bubble,
Hearts expanding …

Love flows here…and now
In rivers, source fulfilling,
Floods new worlds
With universal conscious willing …

I know then…
And there, the power
Hands are holding,
By creating dreams
Of infinite unfolding !

~ Mark Farrar

Mark Farrar (in his own words):  I am a virtually vegetarian, Nearly non conformist, Almost anarchist, Possibly poetic, Fairly free father.



  • Markfarrar
    July 19, 2017, 6:23 am  

    A confession…..
    I never enjoyed poetry .
    I loved writing letters back in the day .
    Twenty odd years ago , in the midst of
    A massive personal apocalypse , I realised
    I had better jot down some descriptions and
    Thoughts about all the crazy things going on,
    Inside and out .Thats when it started .
    Every time I put pen to paper it began to rhyme .
    Everything in my life was turned upside down
    And now the great cosmic joke was on me !
    Truth be told , it still is ,and I’m patiently
    Working towards the big cosmic punchline…..

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