Interesting discussion with Dr. Joseph Farrell, with speculation based on scholarly research, covering a variety of topics including Antarctica, Atlantas, and transhumanism. Of most importance, in my view, was the discussion in which they clarifed the difference between well-researched speculation (as done by Dr. Farrell) and fantasy presented as the latest “truth”. — Kathleen

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Published on Jul 28, 2017

In this part 2 episode, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell to analyze the strange history and the recent peculiar happenings around the mysterious icy continent of Antarctica.

The possibility that Antarctica once formed a part of Atlantis in ancient times is explored, along with the idea that a pole shift took place 12,000 years ago and may be responsible for its current position on the globe. Edgar Cayce’s unique vision of the enigmatic Atlantean ‘Mighty, Terrible Fire Crystal’ or ‘Tuaoi Stone’ which powered the lost civilization is theorized as being the cause for the destruction and inundation of Atlantis.

Part 1 of this interview: