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Source:  Ole Dammegard’s Light on Conspiracies podcast series.


Ole opens the interview with these words:

“You know, over the years I’ve delved into many dark areas and many people have asked me ‘why are you doing it? what is the point? I mean, shouldn’t you focus instead on more uplifting, spiritual things instead of just digging into these dark areas?’ And I have. I mean I’ve spent many years…

…and when I look at my bookshelves it’s either spiritual things or mass murder and assassinations…

But if I can ask you, how do you see this thing with the light and the dark?

Is there such a thing as evil? And how the hell did we end up in the situation we are in now?”



Ole Dammegard interviews Marty Leeds is the author of five books, Pi & the English Alphabet Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and The Peacock’s Tales – The Alchemical Writings of Claudia Pavonis (also available on as well as Pi – The Great Work. He used to be the host of his own podcast, the Marty Leeds’ Mathemagical Radio Hour, available on iTunes, and has an ongoing lecture and video series available on He has been a guest on many popular podcasts and has lectured throughout the states and Canada. Marty currently resides in Eugene, Oregon. Visit Marty’s website.

Ole Dammegard was born in Denmark and raised in Sweden, grew up believing he lived in a free and democratic society. As he started to investigate the political assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, he noticed there were some very strange and glaring similarities in these two cases. Since that time, Ole has investigated many other political assassinations, deaths of musicians and false flag events, and has shown the common thread behind them all: the New World Order Agenda. Ole’s aim is to spread this information and to promote a stance of “no-fear”, of peace and recovery from the atrocities and trauma that we have been subjected to for so many years. We are many, they are SO few. Shine the light on these conspiracies, get involved and transcend this evil agenda so we can get on with this amazing and beautiful life.



  • Markfarrar
    August 6, 2017, 6:02 pm  

    Every now and then , being surrounded
    By people , family , friends , neighbours ,
    All submerged in daily life , consumed
    By the mundane , repetitive rituals
    Of physical existence , I start to fret .
    Is anything changing ?
    Is it just me ? Am I deluding myself ?
    And then I listen to a lovely conversation
    Between two like minded , genuine , open
    Hearted human beings and perspective is
    Magically rebalanced and faith restored . Thank you .

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