by Kathleen Stilwell

I have a lot of sweet friends. Most of them I met while working in “the system”, at ordinary jobs within the Matrix. We have a connection of heart. We are all part of that ancient, mysterious tribe called humankind.

On occasion, my perception of reality and that of a friend lines up — usually when it comes to matters of personal integrity or morality (in the sense of doing no harm to others).

Someone asked me recently how I talk about “the truth” and help people wake up. I had to think about that because I never gave it much thought. And, of course, realizing that I never gave it much thought, I had to ask myself why.

As I pondered the question, I realized that in work or social situations, although I always speak whatever my truth is when a conversation goes there, I don’t set out to change anyone’s mind about anything.

What I do set out to do is to get to know people. I observe them and I listen to them. I ask them about their dreams and how they would change their world if they could. I ask them what their questions about reality are. I tell them what I sense about them and point out their kindness or genius when I see it.

I do my best to live in integrity and to be someone that, not only I can trust, but someone that they can trust too.

It takes time, but people begin to share in a genuine way when they realize they are seen — seen as who they really are, not who they’ve been required to become for a while.

I do talk about a lot of things that don’t fit in with the regular chit chat that’s been wired into friendly conversation. I’ve always found chit chat belittling (making us small in mind and vision).

I’ll mention chemtrails, the control system, our tainted food supply, the education system of indoctrination, false flags, choosing who we want to become, and so on — anything to encourage friends to question and to wonder.

It didn’t happen over night but many who initially stared at me wide-eyed, now post on facebook about Monsanto, vaccines, big pharma, etc.  Most, however, are still locked into the left/right paradigm and believe we need government. Sigh. But, no worries. We’ll get there.

Yes, I’ve been mocked about the way I think, as anyone who challenges “group think” is bound to face.

But as I grew older and realized how often I was wrong when trying to be right about something, I learned to relax more. I came to realize that changing one’s mind is not all that difficult. We all do it all the time. Our paradigms collapse even when we aren’t seeking greater wisdom or knowledge.

As I relaxed more,  I still got teased for being “out there”, but, for the most part the teasing is from people who aren’t quite sure what I’m talking about but love me anyway.

When paradigms collapse and when things don’t turn out as all the “experts” have predicted,  I see that as life playing a wild card. It’s the divine stirring the pot.

We might think we know where things are going , the controllers think they know how to manipulate it all, but then shift happens.

Shift happens because we are the wild cards.  We really are that cool.

But, let me get back to the topic of teaching and preaching.

I do love people who forthrightly challenge the global narrative. I admire and respect great researchers and visionaries, and greatly appreciate the courage of those who shout from the rooftops.

Personally, I love it when someone walks into the room and disrupts the hypnosis.  I love that guy in NYC who wanders around in stores in his underwear, beating a drum and chanting “Love is the answer! Stop buying stuff!”.  He appears to be a crazy homeless guy, but is an actor, deliberately shaking things up.

As much as I love that guy, my own personal style is different. If I do offer a few words as a spell-breaker, it’s usually only after listening and observing for quite a while.

In pondering the idea of trying to wake people up I’m reminded that we all have an instinctive resistance to being “sold”, especially when it is clear that the person bending our ear is trying to get us to buy into something.

I’ve known some people who have a driving need to wake people up to their point of view.  They often have genuine concern at seeing loved ones or friends believing this illusion is real. However, sometimes, attached to that need to wake others up is also a desire to be acknowledged as having a superior perspective. Whenever this ego-inspired desire is there, people sense it, even if they can’t identify it.

Most of us want to discover things. We want to learn things and we might even want to buy things, but we don’t want someone to control what we think, nor do we want to be sold a bill of goods. In fact, we don’t want to be sold anything. We want to choose.

We don’t have to wonder where this aversion to being sold comes from. Even in our most un-awakened states, we have to have some sort of awareness, deep in the recesses of sleep, that we were hoodwinked into giving up our power.

Those who have begun to question this artificial reality are seeking freedom. They might not know it yet, but they are not seeking someone to follow.  They don’t need someone to believe, they just need a good nudge to start questioning everything.

Each of us needs to question until we feel satisfied that whatever we are learning makes sense and feels right. And we shouldn’t be surprised if our perspective continues to change and to expand over time. It always will.

We need to question everything with love, with logic, with research, with intuition and with humor.  Sometimes I think humor is our greatest gift and our highest intelligence.

I remember a funny incident when my son was in his teens. He had some friends over and they were all in the kitchen talking and fixing snacks. When I walked in he said, “My mom’s a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire. Just ask her anything and she probably researched it. You’re gonna love her.”

He said this with total love, confidence and sweet humor. Of course, his friends just stared at me for a moment and then refocused on more important things. I don’t think any of his friends ever asked me about any conspiracies, but I did talk with all of them about their dreams. And every one of them knows I’m in love with, and in awe of, who they are.

So, contrary to my son’s teasing description of his mother (he also told his friends I am a voodoo-shaman-witchdoctor when they saw all the jars of herbs and dried plants in the kitchen), I’ve never been like the great researchers I admire so much. My offering to this world is a different one.

For whatever reason, my life is about one relationship at a time.  It’s about taking the time to see and to listen, to encourage others to open their real eyes and to see who they really are.  It’s about encouraging others to freely give what they uniquely are called to give —  changing this reality both gently and dynamically, one awakened humankind at a time.

And, yes, we truly are all that and so much more.  We can be proud to shout it from the rooftops.

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Kathleen is a dreamer, researcher, and wonderer — in awe of the transforming power of  vision, courage, kindness and imagination.