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For background on this story see:

Amish Man Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Not Seeking FDA Approval

Free KY Amish Farmer Samuel Girod

Source:  Kentucky Free Press

Amish Sam UPDATE


Sam is in prison now. Federal prison where criminals live. Supposed criminals.

Now that Sam is there — in Federal Prison where the U.S. Just Us system puts murderers and rapists and child molesters — I wonder how many real criminals we have amongst the hundreds of thousands incarcerated? But that’s for another day.

Here’s the Amish Sam update, including where he is housed and how to write to him.

The Appeal

Sam has started the appeals process. It could take quite a while to get that underway and I will post info on those proceedings as I have it.

How the appeal goes will determine when we submit the petition to the president.

Meanwhile, please keep sharing the petition

Sam’s Mailing Address

Reg. #18318-032
P.O. BOX 1000


Links for location, visiting hours, mail, etc.

Sam’s Family May Not be Allowed to Visit EVER

Well, I HOPE YOU ARE SITTING DOWN. Inmate visitors have to have photo ID to get into a prison. Of course, none of Amish Sam’s family have photo ID and won’t be getting any due to religious reasons.

So, in a burst of compassion or something, the officials at Loretto prison said for Sam’s kids to send in birth certificates and SS cards, that the prison board would consider allowing this in lieu of photo ID.

Sam was SO EXCITED. The family was set to leave for PA today or tomorrow.

Then, in a burst of insane cruelty, the prison board decided against! Sam’s family won’t be allowed to visit without photo id. (The same rule was in place in the Lexington prison but they allowed Sam’s family to visit anyway.)

So it’s looking like Sam and his family won’t see each other for 6 yrs? Could this be true in America? I don’t have to describe what this has done for Sam’s morale.


Attn: Warden
P.O. BOX 1000

Dear Warden,

You have Amish farmer SAMUEL A GIROD Reg. #18318-032 at your facility. Their Amish faith does not allow them to have a photo I.D. Please allow Sam’s family to use a birth certificate as I.D. and visit with Sam.

Maybe add this: “There are many English with photo I.D. who will accompany the family and vouch for family members.”

Whatever you say, be nice. Thank you.


Sam got 60 months for all counts to be served concurrently except for Count 13 which was for “being a fugitive”: he didn’t show up for a hearing because he didn’t think he had to… So the judge tacked on 12 months for that non-crime to be served consecutively, just to be sure Sam got 6 years.

  • Counts 1 & 2 are for refusing the search and supposedly threatening the 2 armed FDA agents.
  • Counts 3-11 are for selling “drugs” across state lines.
  • Count 12 is for witness tampering.
  • Count 13 for missing the hearing.

Please sign and share the petition



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  • July 31, 2018, 4:53 pm  

    Hey, may want to correct your links to the bureau of prisons, you forgot to add www in the html.
    Mr. Girod is one super ethical man who is following the Word of God to the utmost! He’s got my deepest respect. He’s got an internal faith and the strength to match. He knows who is behind these judges, FDA lawyers and those who have jailed him- the devil!
    May the Lord work through him to bring others to the Lord as well. And pray the Lord blesses him, his family and friends and keeps them all safe from the traps the evil one lays.

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