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with Ole Dammegard
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Due to high demand for more revealing information, you are hereby invited to a 2-hour Live Special Webinar with Ole Dammegard on the recent development of the incredible Las Vegas event, which is said to have been the worst mass shooting in US history. But what actually happened?

Don’t miss what Ole has found out the last couple of weeks

Join Ole, awarded the Prague Peace Prize, for an updated perspective on what really happened in Las Vegas. Did people actually die? Was this a hoax event? Were there multiple shooters – some of them even located in a helicopter (!)?

Due to limited spaces, make sure to get yours now. We hope you can join us. Click on your preferred button below, make any kind of donation and we will send you a confirmation. Welcome!

Sunday the 5th of November
8.30 pm CET (Paris, Stockholm)
7.30 pm CET (London)
2.30 pm EST (New York)
11.30 am PST (Los Angeles)

To reserve your spot, please go to Light on Conspiracies and click at the bottom of the page.