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Thomas Sheridan – Psychopaths – How to Identify Them Among Us [FULL VIDEO]


Published on Nov 19, 2017

An in-depth look at how the minds of psychopaths work and why, and focuses on what you can do to survive and thrive and ultimately escape forever. Thomas Sheridans explains the real nature of the psychopath, this evolutionary offshoot that walks among us, this small percent of the population have the same symptom, namely a complete lack of conscience. Psychopaths are not like us, they can not be reasoned with or reformed. This knowledge is invaluable for anyone whose life comes in contact with a psychopath, past, present or future.

If you are a nice person you are more of a target—they will often remark how kind and nice you are. This makes you easy prey. You will also find that the early sweet loving kindness performance of the psychopath will be interrupted now and again with a nasty and mean performance. Then a cycle develops where the frequencies of the nasty state increases—while the kindness state become less and less.

Recorded at Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers (Glastonbury Symposium)