Source: GeoEngineering Watch

by Dane Wigington
January 20, 2018


Countless forms of environmental contamination are taking their toll on the health and cognitive function of populations. But is this actually thbye primary factor behind the perplexing and willful blindness of the masses? As the ancient saying goes, “Nero fiddled while Rome burned”, overall human nature has not changed. The flow of dire headlines is coming in from every direction, in the coming weeks and months this trend will accelerate rapidly. As the planet’s once abundant resources rapidly run out, and ecosystems implode, what are military industrial societies doing? The same thing they have done since their inception, consuming all they can while manufacturing yet more weapons. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Programmed political bias continues to be fueled by power structure orchestrated theater, when will the majority of populations see through the smoke and mirrors? The great unraveling of all we have known is not somewhere on the horizon, it is already unfolding. True solace exists in fully facing the gathering storm, it exists in doing ones part for the greater good, no matter what comes.