Published on Feb 4, 2018

HEALING DEPRESSION FOR THOSE WHO ARE AWAKE! A few ways to curb or even heal depression especially for sensitive people with talent, empathy, and other gifts. If you’re awake, you might employ a few suggestions in this video and see if it helps. I give a shit. I hope it makes your life better.

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PS: I’ve been there. Sometimes, I return. But how else could I help other people with depression and anxiety without experiencing it? No matter how many degrees or psych classes, you won’t understand a patient without every being there yourself. So people that know what it’s like are often the best healers. Maybe that’s why you’ve had to go through this whole thing in the first place! That, and finding your true self in a world gone mad. In a weird way, depression is a gift. But it’s not good to stay tuned to that channel for long. Here’s how to change your frequency and feel better.