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Source: Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries
Published on Aug 29, 2017



Prepare to be amazed when you watch this documentary of real-life giants you won’t believe exist.

Explore the astounding research and evidence that reveals what they don’t want you to know about forbidden archeology discoveries. A Race of Giants lived not only In America but around the world.

There are hundreds of accounts of giant skeletons being found, including skeletons of a race of blonde haired giants exhumed on Catalina Island, CA in 1920.

Explore the evidence about this amazing chapter in our forbidden history. Atlantis: The Lost World: What was Atlantis? Explore the latest research and theories of the great mystery of Atlantis.

Ancient Alien Legacy: They are known as “the watchers,” those who came to Earth as beings of light to teach and guide mankind. Millennia ago, they spread across the globe grooming mankind and were the genesis of a holy bloodline that remains with us today.

From giant skeletons to super tall men and women, Real Life Giants You Won’t Believe Exist.

The legends of giants in the Mediterranean countries are probably the most widely known and discussed. Giants were referred to in writings as “gigantes” or “Titans” in the works of the epic poet Hesiod, and were said to be the offspring of Uranos and Gaea.

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