Source: Jeff Rense
Published on Feb 20, 2018

1993: an unannounced field trial of GMO sweet corn was held near Escanaba, Michigan. Months after eating this corn, Tony Ghepardo developed several allergies. Two years later, he developed chronic insomnia. Doctors eventually diagnosed his condition as sleep apnea. Their prescriptions, treatments, and surgery proved useless. His doctors said they did all they could. Tony’s health severely deteriorated. Doctors treated symptoms separately. Drugs were ineffective and produced wild side effects. Tony had a frightening Alzheimer’s episode while driving.

He was at death’s door when he learned of GMOs. Tony has eaten organic food since 2013: no more Alzheimer’s episodes. Tony’s GMO, glyphosate, and 2,4-D research improved as his brain fog cleared. He now shares his research and his experience of reclaiming lost health.

If doctors cannot help, suspect GMOs are the cause of your health problems.

We Poisoned Our Grandchildren  is available on Amazon