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by Geoff Byrd
April 4, 2018

First you’ll need a good room or studio to work in that has good ventilation. You’ll also need a heater and a lamp pointed at the drying orgonite to help it incubate and dry quicker. It must be 65 degrees or higher at all times when making orgonite from start to finish. Dry for 12-24 hours. 12 hours it will be solid essentially but still a little tacky and vulnerable to scratching and denting. 24 hours of drying time and you can be sure it’s done and ready to use.



I use the big gallon sized resin called Easy Cast. And it is, in fact, easy to use, but you will save money and time if you make sure you measure the resin and the hardener in equal amounts. This is really important to get right. Otherwise, it will not form correctly or harden, wasting all your crystals and metal shavings and resin in the process in a goopy mess that will also ruin your molds. I went through this many times before I finally understood how important the chemistry is. Equal parts of each as close as you can get it.

You’ll also need crystals. My 3 favorite are Amethyst, Quartz and Selenite. I get mine from Ed’s House of Gems. They have great prices and bags of crystals in bulk and they ship all over the country even if you’re not close to Portland Oregon. Tell them I sent ya; they will appreciate that. Plus the quality is awesome as well. It’s the best place I have found to get crystals in the raw that don’t overcharge you like some fancy, new age shops will.

You’ll also need metal shavings. This is hardest part. You can go to a locksmith and ask them if they keep their brass shavings in a coffee can for recycling. Tell them you’ll buy it for 10 bucks if it’s full, or maybe they’ll give it to you for free if you’re good with people. You can also go to metal recyclers or metal shops but sometimes they’ll get annoyed so be quick and be cool about it. Also, the more industrial it is, the more you have to worry about the metals being toxic to work with or breathe around. I have found success with both, but it’s a process.


You’ll also need molds in the shape you want. I use creative, unique molds because I got sick of doing the same old muffin shapes and candy molds that everyone else does. I totally recommend silicon molds all the way around. It’s the only way to go if you want don’t want them to stick and they are super easy to work with and take out because they are flexible. You’ll also need plastic cups, stirring sticks, gloves, eye protection & mask. Now we’re ready.

Let’s make some orgonite hearts. First mark the plastic cups so you know how much resin to use. I have these memorized based on the ridges in the cups but I mark them for easy visual cues. They have to be the same in equal parts with Easy Cast. I just thought I would mention that ONE more time. Pour this much resin and the same amount of hardener in a separate cup. Then pour them both into one cup and stir. If you’d like to add color, use resin dye which is really cool and easy to use. Stir it REALLY well. Take your time. If you don’t stir enough, it won’t harden correctly so take your time until it’s totally mixed. Maybe 1-2 minutes of stirring.


Now you’re ready to pour a little bit on the bottom to get it started. Then pour in the metal shavings. Then add a couple big crystals. Then some crushed up Selenite powder and small pieces on top. The crystal powder and small chunks adds a turbo charge and looks really cool as well. Then a little glitter on top as frosting on the cake, but don’t over do it. You can add a Tesla coil in there if you’d like, but it will work great without it as well. It’s a preference thing.

Then pour in the rest of your already stirred easy cast in almost to the top and let it dry for 12-24 hours. If you try to get them out before at least 12 hours, you’re going to ruin it. Period. It will suck, you’ll be pissed, and you might ruin your molds too. Just be patient and wait. You’ll thank me. Just one more time: don’t be tempted to test them with your finger to see if they are dried if it’s not at least 12 hours later or you WILL ruin them and be angry with yourself. Just trying to help you avoid the pitfalls I had to learn the hard way. Every shape and size and mold calls for a little different method, for instance the pyramids work and look best if you dry in two separate stages, but those layers & variations will be something you’ll pick up as you go. Start with this basic formula and take it from there!


Plastic resin is really toxic while drying. It’s totally fine when it’s dry. But during the chemical reaction, you’ll want a window cracked open and a fan aiming it outside. But not so much that your room gets below 65 degrees so have a heater nearby to keep the temperature up even with the window open a bit. If you have a ventilation fan, that works well too. Use a breathing mask for SURE. And use eye protection too, it will sting and even start affecting your eyesight permanently if you don’t.

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PS: I am making a video companion to this and I will post it when I’m done. Meanwhile, here are a few other videos I put together on the subject: