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Source:  The Solari Report

by Justin Woods
May 12, 2018



“Being alive on the planet is a great privilege and must be pursued with gusto!” ~ Elana Freeland

This week on The Solari Report, Harry Blazer speaks to Elana Freeland about her new book Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. Under an Ionized Sky received a Solari Gold Star and Solari listed it in Best Books for 2018.

In Under an Ionized Sky, Freeland connects the dots between the satellite infrastructure of the national-security state, the cell towers and networks of the telecommunications companies, HAARP, and the engineering of nanoparticles sprayed in chemical cocktails above our heads. What does this have to do with weather and natural disaster warfare? What does this have to do with mind control? What does this have to do with the EMF radiation that is making so many people sick? The answer is a quite lot.

Elana Freeland and Harry Blazer help you make integrated sense of so many things happening since we built out a global satellite infrastructure.

In Money & Markets this week on my last evening in Uluru in the Australian Outback, I will discuss what I have learned from our two groups of Solari Subscribers and review the latest in financial and geopolitical news.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I recommend a recent speech by Elana about her research on the recreation of our atmosphere and environment by a space operation funded with trillions of our dollars.

The Solari Report, created by Catherine Austin Fitts, is a quarterly financial publication with a broad focus that is not found any where else.

A few perspectives from the Solari website:

Some of the private interests who have managed the national security state have developed such advanced technology and independent wealth that they see themselves as a separate or “breakaway” civilization – above and beyond the laws and responsibilities of existing sovereign governments or societies.

Some of the most important advanced technologies we must try to understand are those that manipulate individual thoughts and emotions by invisible means. We encourage you to take time to understand the “nuts and bolts” of centralized control. As the use of artificial intelligence grows, so does the power of these control technologies. Indeed, there is a “matrix” of control.

The economics of hatred is a fascinating area of research. When you start digging into who makes money on hatred, you’ll see the world through a new lens. There is no more effective tool of financial and economic control than keeping the general population in a state of dramatic competition versus a state of peaceful cooperation. Getting your enemies to destroy each other in ways that profit you is an ancient tactic. And today’s digital technologies and multinational corporate media give this tactic a very modern twist.

Do we live in a world full of terrorists and terrorist attacks? Or do we live in a reality TV show engineered by one false flag event after another and by squabbling factions within the national security apparatus?

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