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Source:  DarkJournalist
Published on May 25, 2018



Daniel Liszt interviews former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts on the Black Budget.

If we can’t talk about reality, how are we going to deal with reality?

I’ve been doing due diligence on Bitcoin, digital currencies, and was really inspired by a series of events to do a serious – the kind of due diligence that an investment advisor or an investment banker is required by professional standards to do… and then I sat down and I said, you know this really is as bad as I thought…

So Mr. Global is getting all the freedom fighters to invent his digial currency mechanisms and transactions. You know it’s many things, it’s complex… But I ran into so many wonderful people who were adamant that somehow – that the cryptocurrency revolution was going to solve all of our problems. And they didn’t understand that when you have a government structure that is invisible, does not have integrity, and is controlling you through physical force, there is no such thing as a financial solution to that. Because if I control the physical world, I control the hardware, I control the train tracks, I control the cables that go underneath the ocean, I control the satellites in the sky, I’m in control...

The whole point for me in Control 101 was to try to reach into the minds of so many wonderful people and help them come back to coherence about how control works. You know, control in our world runs by force, physical force. That’s why we spend more than a trillion dollars a year on military hardware and budgets. It’s run by force…

…digital currencies and digital payment systems will be used to control us. What I think the bankers want is they want everybody chipped and entrained… They want “Daniel, here’s your chip and if you don’t behave, we’re turning off your money.”…

I think we are building the train tracks of our own control…

My one rule is my most precious asset is my time and attention. And I’m only going to invest in things which give life = both give life to the people I serve and give life to me. If I see something as ultimately developing the train tracks of control, I don’t want to contribute.

– Catherine Austin Fitts

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