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Much of the material in the video below comes from the work of Anatoly Fomenko.

English translations are available for many articles:

The “new earth lady”, also quoted in the video, is Bulgarian researcher Sylvie Iwanova. Her research is found at:

Specific pages on ancient China:

Sylvie Iwanova’s YouTube channel: newearth

…It says the people were watching the sky because there was something happening there. On the basis of what this so-called scientific research it has been established that these various Chinese kingdoms developed thousands of years ago while in reality they we have almost no clue what was happening in China before the 7th century.

On one side, the Chinese historic records were corrupted by continuous language reforms, and on the other side the general population was helped into forgetting the original advanced culture which they have some connection with — rewriting their hard disc of what a human is because original humans possessed a purity that was naturally in harmony with nature and the cosmos, she believes.

…happiness and harmony do not fit well with the new paradigm which was artificially imposed upon the humans…

…So what were they fleeing from? Why did they abandon their homeland?

It was like this, she states. In the older times there were no countries in the sense that we know them today. There were just tribes and nations.

But as the parasitic influence was increasing, countries started to appear. The powers that be began to use the tactic of divide and conquer amongst these countries in order to have the people kill themselves, rather than having all-out war against the parasites…

…A very curious note was made in the Chinese chronicles. It says that after the Manchu people were assimilated by the locals, they lost their special abilities — possibly the psychic abilities they used to fight. She finds this very, very important…

…There are roughly three to four times more pyramids in China — at least visible ones, she believes — than in Egypt. And in addition, they are in much, much better condition of preservation than the Egyptian ones. And yet, not many are aware of this and finding out more details about them is next to impossible…

Source:  Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries
Published on Jul 17, 2018

From advanced technology to ancient pyramids, there is a lot about China that has remained hidden. Just how old are they? While many can be dated to various dynasties, others are believed to be younger. It is one of the most advanced ancient civilizations in recorded history, are there signs of a much older race, perhaps the remnants of the Atlanteans after the flood?


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