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Your Comments

Here’s the thing about leaving comments on this blog. It is not an open forum. I have no intention of ever managing one of those. Consider this my home — a place to share my own thoughts and the words of other writers that resonate with me.

I’ve tried disabling all comments because of some incessant attacks by disrespectful humans, but then I regret that decision whenever I receive a thoughtful comment, via the contact page, from a beautiful soul out there.

I’ve decided to re-open comments for those who resonate with the writings that appear here.  Again, if you hate any of the writers whose work I post, please start your own blog and share your thoughts there. WordPress makes it easy.

Now for the house rule.  I welcome thoughtful comments that add to the content of a post as long as they are not coming from a place of attack. Polite challenge is always welcome.

I monitor all comments. If the comment is primarily a post to promote one’s own youtube channel or blog,  I’ll only approve it if the content is relevant to me.  I’ll likely approve it if there is thoughtful communication included with the link to your work.

I only post articles here that have meaning to me. This is not a catch-all alternative or new age site. I don’t make any money from this blog, not even through affiliate links. In fact, I pay a small fee to keep all advertising off of the blog. It just feels better that way.

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