Born Outside the Box

Reality transforms as we question everything.


Here’s the thing about leaving comments on this blog.   I welcome thoughtful comments that add to the content of a post as long as they are not coming from a place of attack.  Polite challenge is always welcome.

However, this blog is not an open forum.  I have no intention of ever managing one of those.

If you haven’t noticed, it’s a multi-dimensional jungle here in cyberspace. All sorts of ill-mannered, irrational, wild things will seek to use you as their audience or food source if you let them.

Consider this my home — a place to share my own thoughts and the words of other writers that resonate with me.

For a while, I disabled all comments because of some incessant attacks by disrespectful humans, but then I regretted that decision whenever I received a thoughtful comment, via the contact page, from a beautiful soul out there.

I’ve decided to re-open comments for those who resonate with the writings that appear here.

If you disapprove of any of the writers whose work I post, as is your right, please start your own blog and share your thoughts there. WordPress makes it easy.

I do monitor all comments, just as I decide who I welcome into my home for conversation.

If a comment is primarily a post to promote one’s own YouTube channel or blog,  I might or might not approve it, depending on how relevant it feels to me.

I only post articles here that have meaning to me.  This is not a catch-all alternative or new age site. I don’t make any money from this blog, not even through affiliate links.  In fact, I pay a small fee to keep all advertising off of the blog.  It just feels better that way.

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